Airline Reservation System Project Using SpringBoot

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In this post, we are going to discuss a project “Airline Reservation System Project Using Spring Boot”. It is a web application that is developed using Spring Boot.

Spring Boot is one of the most trending frameworks in the current industry. This project provides you with all the basic level features, which are available in real-time scenarios.

We have used multiple technologies in this project. So it is a great opportunity for you to learn new technologies.

The airline reservation system project is about flight ticket booking. You will get the option to search flights using source and destination.

Then you can select one flight from the search result and you can book the ticket. You will get the ticket to your email address after a successful booking.

We have multiple roles in the project. These roles are discussed below. And we are using java 8 in this project.

Java 8 is the least stable version in the current IT industry. To know more about the project, you can watch the video.

Let’s discuss the technology we have used to develop this project.

Technology Used in this Project:-

Front End

  • Html (Some components developed using HTML5)
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • JSP
  • Spring Freemarker for some custom templates

Backend Logic

  • Java 8
  • Maven
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Security For Authentication & Authorization
  • Spring Session Management
  • Email Functionality
  • PDF Functionality
  • Hibernate
  • JPA
  • MySQL 8 On Localhost as well as Cloud (AWS :- RDS)


  • Tomcat


  • STS (Spring Tool Suite 4.xx.xx) (Recommended)
  • Visual Studio Code (Optional)

Project Demo:-

Roles in Project:-

  • Public
  • Customer
  • Admin

Public authorities:-

  • Public user does not need to be authenticated.
  • Public can search for flight.
  • Public can see the flight search result.
  • Public can select any flight.
  • Public can add traveler details as well as email id and phone number.

Customer authorities:-

  • Customer can perform all the public activities.
  • After adding traveler details user must be authenticated as a Customer.
  • Customer can do payment activities through Credit/Debit card.
  • Customer can download ticket as a pdf.
  • Customer can see its booking history.

Admin authorities:-

  • To perform admin activites, user must be authenticated with admin role.
  • Admin can add/update/delete customer details.
  • Admin can lock or unlock user.
  • Admin can add/update/delete airport details.
  • Admin can update flight details. (Update)
  • Admin can update/delete seat details.
  • Admin can see all ticketbooking history.
  • Admin can delete ticketbooking history.

Requirements to run this project:-

  • Java 8. Make sure the same version is installed in your system. If you want to know more about installation, then you can watch this video.
  • Maven 3.5 or greater. Since it is a Spring boot project so maven or Gradle is required. Maven is a project management tool. It is used to manage your project through pom.xml. You can watch this video to configure it in your system.
  • Spring tool suite IDE is required. STS is the standard version of eclipse. The interface is the same in both these IDE. But STS is designed for spring projects. You can watch this video to install the spring tool suite ide in your system.
  • Mysql 8 is required. Most of us do mistakes in MySQL installation. Whenever you install MYSQL, make sure that you are installing a full setup. I will suggest, installing it through MySQL installer. If the full setup is not there, then you cannot run this project.

Features we provide if you buy this project:-

  • Source Code
  • Support in Project Setup
  • Support if some feature is not working.
Price:- ₹2999

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