Bus Ticket Booking System Project In Java SpringBoot And Angular

Bus Ticket Booking System Project In Java SpringBoot And Angular. We have developed this project on the basis of a real-time scenario.

It is a full-stack project containing all the features for final-year students and those willing to learn new technologies like Spring Boot, Spring Security, JWT, Angular, etc.

Features of this project are automated and structured. The technologies used in the front end are Angular, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Design part of this application is unique. Everything is created from scratch. Spring Boot is the processing layer of the application or you can say the backend.

As we know, as per Oracle, the least stable version of java is Java 8. So we have used the same.

You will see many features of Java 8 in the project like lambda expression, stream API, java date and time, etc.

It is a good learning opportunity for you. As we have already discussed that in the front end we are using Angular, but it is a client-side framework, so for the server-side, we have used spring boot. Spring boot internally uses tomcat as a server. So no need to install the Apache server externally on your machine. Spring is incomplete without maven. We have used maven as a project management tool.

It is one of the most popular frameworks in the current industry. It is popularly known for Rest API. We have also used spring security for secure communication between client and server.

Mysql is used for the database. It will communicate to the server or rest services using hibernate and JPA.

Let’s discuss the tools which are used to develop this project. Front-end technology is developed on the visual studio code. It is one of the most popular IDE for front-end development. It gives you an automated feature to complete your task more quickly.

And to develop the spring part, we have used Spring Tool Suite as an IDE. It is a special version of eclipse which is specially designed to develop Spring projects. It is the advanced version of Eclipse IDE.

Technologies used in the project


  • Angular – 13
  • JavaScript
  • Html 5
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap

Back – End

  • Spring Boot
  • Java 8
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Mail
  • JWT
  • Spring FreeMarker
  • Spring AOP
  • Hibernate
  • JPA


  • Mysql 8


  • Visual Studio Code
  • Spring Tool Suite

Roles In the Project

Three types of roles are there in the project:-


  • Users can search for bus details.
  • Users can select a bus from the search.
  • Users can filter search details.
  • Users can select seats on the bus.
  • Users can fill travelers’ details.


  • Users can perform all public user activity.
  • Users can fill payment details.
  • Users can download tickets as pdf.
  • Users can send invoices to their respective email address.
  • Users can update their profiles.
  • Users can give their feedback or ask any query.


  • Admin can perform all user activity.
  • Admin can add/update/delete bus details
  • Admin can add/update/delete user details
  • Admin can view/delete all ticket booking details.
  • Admin can update their profile.
  • Admin can view/delete contact details.

Requirements to run this project

  • Java 8 must be installed on your system. If you have not installed it, then watch this video.
  • Maven 3.9 or higher version.
  • Spring Tool Suite IDE. If you have installed java on your machine, then it is very easy to install the spring tool suite on your system. You can watch this video to get a complete idea to install Java 8, Maven, and Spring tool suite on your system.
  • Mysql 8 or later version is required. Make sure that you have installed a complete MySQL setup. If any of the drivers are missing, then you will face a lot of problems to run the application.
  • For front-end development, visual studio code is recommended. It will give you automation features to ease your work.
  • Hence in the front end, we are using Angular, then you have to install node js 14 or a later version.
  • Angular CLI is also required.

Features we provide if you buy this project:-

  • Source Code
  • You will get support in Project Setup
  • You will get support if some feature is not working.
Price:- ₹5999

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